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Lahore Modern City

This urban development is the second smart city in Pakistan, with the first being the Capital Smart City. Situated in a prime location in Lahore, it boasts easy accessibility via various main routes.

Additionally, this community provides convenient connections to key areas, commercial hubs, and recreational centers, rendering it an optimal location for contemporary living. The latest updates on the development and smart features of Lahore Modern City are outlined in this content to enhance comprehension.

Lahore Modern City Prime Location

Lahore Modern City situated in a prime location, boasts a strategic placement within one of Lahore's most sought-after areas.

Its presence on Teezgar Road, near Gunj Sundwan Road Lahore, coupled with its close proximity to prominent landmarks, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, further elevates its appeal.

Facilities and Amenities

The grandeur of Modern City is credited to Five Star Developers, whose owners include Malik Wazir Ali Awan, Muhammad Fahad Ayub, Malik Shafiq Awan, Ch Tariq, and Ch Nawaz.

Their extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate industry,coupled with a track record of successful ventures such as DHA and Bahria Town,inspire confidence and serve as a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Facilities and Amenities

Investors in Lahore are presented with an exceptional opportunity. The appeal of this investment destination is substantiated by a constellation of logical reasons.

  •  The easy accessibility of the location ensures convenience.
  • The provision of 24/7 security guarantees a secure environment, promoting peace of mind.
  • The abundant water supply ensures sustained living.
  • The eco-community is committed to environmental harmony.
  •  The prime location is strategically situated for optimal convenience.
  •  The development ensures top-tier infrastructure and facilities.
  • reliable access to water, gas, electricity, and waste disposal is provided.
  • The world-class infrastructure is a testament to international standards.
  • Lastly, luxurious amenities are available for elevated living.

Lahore Modern City Developments

        Carpeted Roads

Carpeted Roads



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