Lahore Modern City Payment Plan 2023|Exploring The Future


In the heart of Pakistan lies the vibrant and historic city of Lahore, known for its rich cultural heritage and bustling urban life. As the city embraces progress and development, a new and exciting venture has emerged on its horizon - the Lahore Modern City

This visionary project promises to redefine urban living and provide its residents with a contemporary lifestyle like no other. One of the key aspects that has captured the attention of potential residents and investors is the Lahore Modern City Payment Plan for 2023.

In this blog, we'll delve into the details of this payment plan and explore what it means for those looking to be a part of this modern urban oasis.

The Vision of Lahore Modern City

Before diving into the payment plan, let's take a moment to understand the vision behind Lahore Modern City. This ambitious project aims to create a self-contained, sustainable community that integrates cutting-edge technology, modern infrastructure, and green spaces to provide a high quality of life for its residents.

With residential, commercial, recreational, and educational facilities all planned within its boundaries, Lahore Modern City seeks to create a harmonious blend of work, play, and living.

Lahore Modern City Payment Plan

Welcome to Lahore Modern City – where modern living meets convenience and comfort. Our payment plan is designed to make your dream of owning a piece of this thriving urban landscape a reality.

Explore a dynamic range of options tailored to suit your preferences and budget, and embark on a journey towards a contemporary lifestyle in the heart of Lahore.

Lahore Modern City Payment Plan

Plan A

3 Marla

Rate per Marla: 6,00,000

Total Price:18,00,000

Advance 25%: 4,50,000

36 Months Instalment: 15,000

6 Months after:80,000

3 Years after:3,30,000

5 Marla

Rate per Marla: 6,00,000

Total Price:30,00,000

Advance 25%: 7,50,000

36 Months Instalment: 25,000

6 Months after:1,25,000

3 Years after:6,00,000

Plan B

3 Marla

Rate per Marla: 6,00,000

Total Price:18,00,000

Advance 25%:4,50,000

36 Months Instalment:28,500

3 years after 3,24,000

5 Marla

Rate per Marla: 6,00,000

Total Price:30,00,000

Advance 25%:7,50,000

36 Months Instalment:45,000

3 years after: 6,30,000

Payment Plan Overview

The Lahore Modern City Payment Plan for 2023 is designed to be flexible and accessible, catering to a wide range of potential residents and investors.Here's a general overview of the payment plan structure:


The journey to becoming a part of Lahore Modern City begins with a booking process.

Prospective buyers can choose from various property options, such as residential plots, apartments, and commercial spaces.

The booking requires an initial down payment, typically a percentage of the total property value, which serves as a commitment to the purchase.


Following the booking, the payment plan is divided into a series of installments. These installments are spaced out over a predefined period, making it easier for buyers to manage their financial commitments.The number of installments and their frequency can vary depending on the property type and overall payment duration.


Once a certain percentage of the total payment has been made, buyers become eligible for possession of their property. This means that they can start building or moving into their space, adding a tangible sense of progress to their investment.

Benefits for Investors

The Lahore Modern City Payment Plan for 2023 offers several benefits for potential investors:

The structured installment approach makes it easier for investors to afford their desired property without bearing the full financial burden upfront.

Capital Appreciation

As the project progresses, property values within Lahore Modern City are expected to be appreciated. Early investors can potentially benefit from an increase in the value of their investment over time.


Lahore Modern City offers various property options, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios by choosing the property type that aligns with their investment strategy.


The Lahore Modern City Payment Plan for 2023 embodies the spirit of progress and innovation that the city of Lahore is known for.This plan not only offers accessibility and affordability but also enables individuals to be a part of a visionary project that has the potential to redefine urban living in Pakistan.

As Lahore continues to evolve, Lahore Modern City stands as a testament to the city's commitment to embracing the future while honoring its rich heritage.Whether you're looking for a residential haven or a smart investment opportunity, the Lahore Modern City Payment Plan for 2023 is certainly worth exploring.